Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mumford and Sons

So the story goes... I went to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago last weekend because I was so excited to see Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling perform. Both artists are new to the folk scene and from London (therefore, less likely to pass through Chicago any time again soon - so I could not miss them this time)

My friend and I took a look at the line up once we got there. Mumford and Sons were playing first and we had never heard of them. Well - they really out did themselves.

They are less well known not because of any deficiency in talent, rather, it's because they just started playing together in December of 2007. Marcus the lead singer plays in Laura's band. He has unique vocals - very rough, and reminds me a bit of Colin from the Decemberists in that the character of his voice has something mythical, raw and haunting about it. In addition to Marcus' skill at playing the guitar, drums, and sing at the same time the rest of the band is incredible and does not take a back seat . I'm not sure of their names but the banjo player, guy on the keyboard, and bass player really rock it out and have great vocals. Anyway, they are a bunch of fun to see live. And I am sure they have a very bright future.

Their EP can be downloaded for free at and my favorite song... not on their EP is called

Little Lion Man (download)

Here is their performance at the Bottom Lounge...


Bodie Johnson said...

Thanks for the tip on these guys...heard of them but never really listened. Love your blog - right up my alley!

machin said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, it was quite a suprise as I hardly get comments haha!
Mumford and Sons are immense, and my friend took that video for me especially :D
Great blogging.